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Name: Records Are People Too

Records are people too


“This was something I dropped off at Good Records during a trip to NY in the Fall of 2006. This was before my first semester of grad school, and, therefore, before I lost my motivation to do anything. I think it's pretty clear that there was no type of conceptual arc guiding the track selection - I just felt like sharing a few things I was feeling at the time. All but four tracks came from my collection - "Thoughs Were the Days", for instance, was actually a rip from SoulHawk, Chairman of the Bureau of Better Digging Standards & Practices. In all honesty, when JP asked me if he could host the mix, I had no idea what tracks were on it. Records Are People Too is like the generic name of pretty much every random mix I hand out. Listening to the songs now...Wow! Some of these rips are awful. No type of volume consistency either - sounds like I'm switching b/w ESPN and BET every other song. Most of the tracks are pretty rare I guess, especially if you live outside of Detroit.” – Aaron “Breakself” Anderson (1/24/2008)

Tracklisting: Tracklisting not available at this time.