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Name: Jazzman Presents - Aaron Anderson



Jazzman Presents: Aaron Anderson
1. Burning Star- "Burning Star" (WOW) funk
2. Dennis Lee and the Notables- "Funky Penguin pt. 1" (Jenmark) funk
3. Fabulous Five- "I'll Let you Go Free" (Gateway) funk
4. El Anthony- "We've Been in Love Too Long" (La Cindy) soul
5. Barrino Brothers- "I'll Take My Flowers Now" (TCB) funky soul
6. Connie Stevens- "Tick Tock" (Bell) northern
7. Sammy Lee- "It Hurts Me" (Rampart) northern
8. Mickey & Ernie- "Baby I'm in Love" (Hotline Music Journal) northern
9. Lenny McDaniel - "Something Outta Nothing" (Seven B) funky soul
10. Curtis the Brothers- "You Make Everything Better" (Bell) crossover
11. Wild Honey - "I've Been Working" (Georgia Peach) funky soul
12. Sins of Satan- "Mother Nature" (Ecology) modern
13. Hank Boatwright- "Only You" (EG) modern/gospel
14. Jelly- "Everybody Needs Love" (Fuja) funky modern
15. Jeff Collins - "Feel the Love" (Duval) modern/disco
16. X-1 "Thinking Bout Your Love" (Hollywood Detroit) weird electro soul
17. Crusaders- "You Pay For Love" (Philly Groove) ballad
18. Maxine Jenkins- "Sounds So Strange" (Dynamics) ballad