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Name: Live @ Bumpshop NYC - Aaron Anderson and Brad Hales



“I cannot even tell you how lucky I am to have had this great friend in my life, and how much fun we had driving to NYC, drinking beer and playing these records at the late great Bump Shop NYC party at APT where fizzy water was like 20 bucks, WTF. Such a good time with Asaf Segal, Matt Weingarden, Chariman Jefferson Mao, James and Robert Wells, Zac Davis, Jared, Nydia, Chris, Amarilla Sanders, Liz Clayton, many others... this shit was so fun, though. No rhyme or reason to our set either, but I do remember lots of dancing and yelling.” – Brad Hales (Ann Arbor Soul Club - People’s Records)

Tracklisting: Tracklisting not available at this time.